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Cina Nail Creations are valuable tools to help nail technicians expand their business & ignite their creativity through nail art. Imitating the beauty of nature, Cina Pro provides superior quality products that will entice your clients with elegant & memorable one-of-a kind designs. They will allure creative expression and ultimately inspire others to seek nail art. And they will a colorful new revenue stream to your line of services with increased sales, client loyalty and increasing referrals. 












Nail Store Display

Boost your professional service income with Nail Art! Show off this Cina Store Display in your spa. It's not only attractive, it will get your customers asking about your nail art service, and coming back for it.  
Cina Store Display contains the following:
Cina Pro Top Coat                             4 pcs.
Cina Mini Decoration Kit                    3 packs
Cina Dippity Dots Kit                         3 packs
Cina Dazzle Shapes Kit                     3 packs
Cina Crushed Sea Shells Kit              3 packs
Cina Gem Stones Kit                        3 packs
Cina Pretty Petals Kit                       3 packs
Cina Rockstar Glitter Kit                    3 packs
Cina Candy for Your Nails Collection  3 packs

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