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With his Italian background and as founder, president, and CEO of Star Nail International, Mr. Tony Cuccio has travelled to over 90 countries searching for unique products to help boost the spa business. From his vast experiences, he developed the highly acclaimed Cuccio Naturale - a line of products used in top spas & salon throughout the world. Made with natural products and the richest ingredients, Cuccio Naturale has won international recognition for its luxurious and highly memorable products.








Hand, Nail & Foot Care Kit

Contains: ½ oz. Forte Nail Strengthener, ¾ oz. Apple Cuticle Remover, 8 oz. Mango hand peel, 8 oz. Lavender Lotion, Kava Callus Remover, Grape Seed Hand Anti-oxidant Oil, Lemon Skin Lightener, Milk & Honey Aqua Leaves™ Disc, Manicure Soak Trio, Earthstone Lava Rock, Hand Facial Brush, Nail Whitening Paste, Sterilization Pouch with Natural Nail Client Guard, DVD, Single Tab Pedi Fizz, 10cc Pomegranate & Fig, 10cc Papaya Guava, and 10cc Tuscan Citrus Herb.

*Empty Wood Valise Crate also available as separate item.

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