beauty blends  

Targetted primarily for
salon and spa use, truessense offers
superior, innovative
and pocket-friendly 
products to meet your
needs. Also available in
kilos, liters and gallons
to give you more savings.






Anti-Bacterial Hand Wash Fruity Apple 1 gal
Refreshing Liquid Body Wash Floral Fresh 1 gal
Dead Sea Salt Scrub (plain) Israel 1 kilo
Body Scrub Cucumber Melon with Carrot Extract
Papaya Skin-Whitening
1 kilo
500 gms
Bath & Massage Oil (w/ Grapeseed, Jojoba & Sweet Almond Oils) Air (Peppermint)
Water (Lavender)
Earth (Apple and Pear)
1 gal
300 ml
100 ml
Mineral Oil Plain 1 gal
Coffee Slimming Gel with Seaweed and L-Carnatine Coffee 1 kilo

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